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Maintaining good health dosen't happend by accident. It requires work, lifestyle choices, and periodic health test.

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Healthy Female

Maintaining good health doesn't happen by accident. it requires work, lifestyle choices, and periodic preventive health test. Women face distinctive health challenges, such as PCOD, osteoporosis etc. Early detection of these diseases can result in prevention of later complications and help in saving time and money.

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Early detection of female Infertility can help you in making a choice of adopting a fertility-boosting diet and getting into the fertility zones for weight and excrcise, which can improve fertility naturally. This can reduce expenditure on expensive treatments.

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Pre Marriage

Star has compiled list of diagnostic test which offers a crucial health assessment for soon-to-be married couples. It helps detect any infectious and transmissible diseases such as HIV, syphillis etc. to prevent any future risk to each other and/or their children.

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Senior Citizen

Old age results in increase in number of issues for senior citizens. Our senior citizen preventive health package helps in being aware of current health condition. It covers diagnosis of bone health and all major organs. With accurate diagnosis, you can managem your lifestyle and treatment better.

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For women, the lifetime risk of developing breast cancer is about 1 in 8. The package includes detection for liver, overian, colon, pancreatic and breast cancer. Early detection of any cancer can prevent maligant growth of it's cells from spreading throughout the body. Get the test done of fight againt cancer.

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PCOD can result in facial hair growth, acne, obesity, infertility etc. With this package, you can get it diagnosed early to manage it with healthy lifestyle and following accurate treatment line

2 Parameters Packages Avalable

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Quality in lab testing in simple words, is giving a value of a test as close as possible to the actual biochemistry levels.

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