Maintaining good health dosen't happend by accident. It requires work, lifestyle choices, and periodic health test.

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Upto 12 weeks

Leave all your diagnostc test worries to us. To simplify life for our mom-to-be,we have designed package which covers ultrasound,required blood test and urine test to access health of mom and baby both. So don't be an average man - get on board with protecting your health today.

2 Parameters Packages Avalable

22 weeks

By now your baby will be developing fast.With the compilation of special tests, we access your baby's heartbeat,physical and mental health too.

1 Parameters Packages Avalable

40 Weeks

Now your baby will be full grown and its time to access your baby's growth in details. Also identify and blood clotting disorder,so your doctor can plan treatment accordingly.

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Quality in lab testing in simple words, is giving a value of a test as close as possible to the actual biochemistry levels.

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