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Maintaining good health dosen't happend by accident. It requires work, lifestyle choices, and periodic health test.

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Contaigious diseases such as food-Poisoning,typhoid,diarrhoea etc, can be speard to your family if your cook/food handler carries any such bacteria. Protect your family by availing benefits for our apecialy designed package for food handlers.

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Periodic health surveillance can help to ensure thant work related health issues that might affect an employee's ability to drive are spotted early and suitable measuresto address them are identified.This can also include contagious diease,which can impact health of your family members too. So take advantage of our Fit Driver package and protect your family and staff.

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"Healthy house, healthy family", if your house cleanliness is been taken care of by a maid or your have a baby sitter, you can be at a risk of several contagious diseases. Get your house help health's accessed periodically for healthy long life

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We have covered employer's worry with our pre-employement package. Preventive health checkups for employees can help curb absennteeism and improve productivity. It also promotes a positive force in the office and ensures a pleasent work environment.

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While your are fitness focused or on protien shakes, it is advisable to get you liver and kidney accessed periodiclly.Also for better exercise results get your cholesterol levels checked. At Star we cover it all under or Star gym panel.

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Quality in lab testing in simple words, is giving a value of a test as close as possible to the actual biochemistry levels.

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